Mitch Weber

Mitch is an Emmy award-winning Journalist. He worked in TV News for more than 15 years before he decided to leave the newsroom and focus on storytelling that showcases the community.

Mitch is ready to travel the area to promote the best things your community has to offer visitors.


Michelle Davidson is a 4-time regional Emmy award-winning TV host, writer, filmmaker and producer. Representing various local and national brands, Michelle can be seen in commercials and print campaigns. 

She enjoys promoting our local communities and businesses.

We love exploring our city to tell the stories of the people, businesses, and organizations that make it a place we are proud to live in.

our crew


Lucas Cohen

Graduating from the University of Kansas in 2015, Lucas got a job at a local news station and quickly learned his desire to tell bigger stories would take him in a different direction.

Lucas quit and became an independent contractor and began traveling all over the world to create films that centered on telling great stories. ​

Kat Boutwell

Kat is a former TV News producer. After 12 years in newsrooms, she decided to leave the business to focus on telling the unique and interesting stories that make communities special.

Besides producing segments, Kat also writes the blogs for the show. 

Wayne Gassmann
Cinematographer & Drone Pilot

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, he moved to Kansas City after accepting a position at a local news station. While in news made connections with people like Mitch, which lead to working together outside of the news. 

Wayne left news to pursue his passion for creative video work in 2017 and has not looked back.